34 - Spilling Your Guts Looks Better with Markers (2024)

Feels like forever since the week started. I've been on strict self-lockdown after going to a part where a heap of people ended up catching COVID. The initial break from the outside world was cool and all, but it fizzled out pretty quick after a day.

High of the week: spending last weekend with some of my favorite people🖤

Low of the week: having no contact with people since Monday

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Thoughts & Things:

  • apparently millennials look younger than gen-z. one article i stumbled on suggested that it’s because millennials immaturity is what’s keeping us so young

  • jelly shoes are back. do we dig or not dig? i’m kind of into these ones.

  • dry promotions are the worst. and now i know that there’s a name for the promotions i’ve been getting at work! also, higher ups at companies not understanding why people are quiet quitting — a term that really refers to only doing the job you’re being paid for and not going above and beyond in order to be compensated with more responsibilities.

  • for the first time in i don’t know how long, i had Chinese food. Fat Dragon in Silverlake makes a mean orange tofu, but tbh, their green beans stole the show for me. i can’t explain it, so just go try it if you’re jonesing for green beans.

  • Perfect Match is back. just sayin’

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Rom-Com Books: This year has been a mix of deadlines, new projects, heartache, creativity, and the general struggle of "figuring things out." With all the chaos, I've been craving escapism that feels like a warm hug. Unexpectedly, I found solace in two romance novels: The Paradise Problem by Christina Lauren and Book Lovers by Emily Henry.

At first, I thought these books would be a quick escape from reality, but they ended up being wonderfully soothing. These books were a delightful surprise, taking me on a heartfelt journey. They provided more than just an escape; they challenged my preconceptions about romance novels. I've been calling them romcoms to my friends because they are so much more than what you think of when you think of a "romance novel." After reading these two books it' made me wonder if our preconceived notions about romance novels are stopping people from giving them a chance. I digress...

The Paradise Problem, written by two friends who go by the name Christina Lauren, was a charming escapade. The story, which has a dash of "Crazy Rich Asians" and "Pretty Woman," moves fast and is filled with my favorite brand of humor - sly and sarcastic. The authors paint a lavish private island as the story's backdrop, which I would very much like to be transported to—minus the Weston family. The book follows Anna, a down-on-her-luck gal armed with good humor, and Liam, a wealthy, sometimes too serious, yet surprisingly kind-hearted man despite the parents who raised him.

The other book that delivered some much-needed escape was Book Lovers by Emily Henry. Her narrative playfully deconstructed the tropes of romance novels, all the while celebrating the very essence of the genre. Through her writing, Henry explores a reflection on the complexities of our desires. I did enjoy the meta components of the story, and again, the humor got me good.

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Obsessed with Midsommar inspired picnics: Last weekend, I went with my partner to walk around Barnsdall Park. The weather was delightful, the art gallery was intriguing enough, and this was hours before heading to a party where more than a few guests would later test positive for Covid. BUT what really got my attention was the picnic being enjoyed by a group of people on the lawn. They had a long, low-to-the-ground table decked out with an array of dishes, a whole bunch of flower-filled vases, and surrounded by comfy cushions and low chairs. All of this sat atop what looked to be rugs. Some of the guests were in billowy dresses with floral crowns on their heads. I am obsessed.

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In my last newsletter, I mentioned wanting to go on more picnics, and this picnic, though I didn't know it last week, is the exact type of picnic that I want to have. I've gone deep into a Pinterest rabbit hole, and anyone who knows me knows I take my Pinterest game seriously. I don't just categorize; I subcategorize. While it won't be the theme for my birthday party this year, I'm all about themes and really want to make this happen this summer.

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Feeling Barren: Over the last couple of therapy sessions, we've been dabbling in some art therapy, even if I can't draw to save my life. In therapy, a few key themes keep popping up, and one of them is working through the creativity roadblock that's been giving me a hard time for months. My personal creative projects have felt more like a chore than a need. I'm working on turning that around, trying to get back to where I was. So, during this week's session, I was asked to draw a setting that reflected how I was feeling. Before I put marker to paper, I had a vivid picture in my head. I ended up drawing a mostly empty field with patches of budding growth. The field was shrouded in fog, and a full moon hung in the sky. When asked to name it, I blurted out "Barren." The title made me laugh because the only time I can think of using that word was in my one-act play. In the show, the character Gemma complains about everyone constantly reminding her of her ticking biological clock. Her friend/crush responds with, “Oh Gemma. You poor thing, so alone and so barren!”The more we talked about my landscape sketch and its name, I realized something: I don't feel that the creative seeds that I've planted just won't grow right now. Looking over my sketch, all I could see were the empty patches or dirt where nothing was growing, instead of where things were growing. The emptiness in my drawing kind of mirrors the creative emptiness I'm feeling right now.

The whole drawing exercise felt like a spot-on tarot card reading. My inner self was giving me a nudge, letting me know we're on the same page emotionally. Now, if it could offer some actual steps to take, that'd be great. I'm not typically one to identify with being a Capricorn, but this is totally a Capricorn move. You're welcome, non-astrology folks.

A mood board: Inspired by

Ali LaBelle

’s monthly mood boards, her exercise on thematic thinking, I decided to give it a go. Though, I don’t know that I did it right. Mine might be more of a summer vision board. Make of it what you will.

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Things that I’m window shopping:

Fingers crossed for a negative test today so I can hang out with my out-of-town friend tonight and attend a wedding tomorrow. If I have to quarantine through the weekend I might actually lose my mind.

Ta-ta for now!

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34 - Spilling Your Guts Looks Better with Markers (2024)
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