Home Brew - Comprehensive Reworks (2024)

Home Brew: Comprehensive Reworks
A complete overhaul to each individual class and subclass, feat, race, and spell.

Special thanks to drkekyll and darkcharl for graciously placing open use permissions on their mods More Battle Master Maneuvers and Metamagic Extended. Both of these mods have been edited and incorporated into my class overhauls, and it is significantly better for it. Go check out their pages! Their work is incredible.

First off, I want to start by saying thank you for taking interest. This is my first actual mod, and while it started as a small project, it very quickly grew into something substantially larger than what I had ever intended. There were dozens of late hours of play testing, and dozens more fixing bugs. While learning what I was doing along the way, there were multiple times that I decided to go back and redo everything in a more cohesive and concise manner. Reading about somebody else who is enjoying this project will be really incredible. So again, thank you. I hope you enjoy it.


I’m a newcomer to DND. My first exposure to it was through Baldur’s Gate 3. Needless to say, just like with Larian’s other games, I fell in love with it and sunk in countless hours of playing. Though, one thing that I always wanted was for the leveling system to be a bit more interesting. I wanted each level to simultaneously feel powerful and exciting, while also walking a fine line between a balanced and challenging experience.

So, I decided to start dabbling in what eventually grew into this. At first, it was just a couple of buffs to some of the weaker passives, then it turned into creating my own, and well…here we are, hundreds of hours later, thousands of lines of code, and a very, very large amount of coffee poured late into the night.

The end result is a mod which overhauls the entirety of your sense of progression and experience while playing through BG3. Everything has been carefully considered to provide an exciting, engaging, and thought provoking play experience. Along your journey, you’ll come across hundreds of new effects, completely new builds, refreshing styles of play, and engaging new gameplay opportunities, in combat and out, afforded to you by these additions.

Playing through the game with some friends with these mods has been an absolute blast. It’s my hope that you’ll find it to be just as enthralling, too.

Thank you.


All documentation can be found within the "Articles" tab. These articles will be updated along with the mod in order to reflect balance changes, reworks, etc. Writing all this information down in a digestible formattakes a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it! Share with me your craziest builds in the comments! I'd love to see them!*Documentation on Spell changes is a work in progress - this will take quite a while.


  • Complete reworks of every class and subclass within the game!

  • A unique list of 20 selectable passives for each class in the game!

  • Hundreds of new passives overall!

  • New status effects!

  • New usable actions and reactions!

  • New playstyles to engage in!

  • NPCs who utilize these levels in exciting and unpredictable ways!

  • New interactions between resources both in and out of combat!

  • New ways to traverse, both in and out of combat!

  • A fresh experience for a new playthrough!


  • A complete overhaul to the entirety of the Feats system!

  • Every Feat is now viable, powerful, and interesting to take!

  • Feats now enable a sort of mildmulticlassing, allowing for greater build variability!

  • Feats have been designed from the ground up to enable interesting gameplay decisions!

  • Enemy NPCs utilize these feats as well!


  • All races within the game have been entirely reworked!

  • Each race now provides a powerful boon, which will change the way you play!

  • Races have utility both in and out of combat!

  • Underdark races, which have even more powerful benefits, with a challenging downside that you must also manage!

  • All NPCs will utilize these changes as well wherever possible!


  • All spells within the game have been entirely reworked!

  • Spells almost entirely now support upcasting and downcasting!

  • All spells have had their reworks done with a focus on utility and where they could be viable.

  • Spell changes allow for you to approach situations and encounters in entirely new ways!

  • All NPCs will utilize the spell changes as well! You'll have to think on your feet!


Installation is simple, as the download is simply a collection of PAK files for each individual class. Same for the feat and race overhauls! Simply drop the mods into either BG3MM or Vortex, and you’re good to go!


This is a big mod, which makes many, many edits. If you are utilizing any other mod which edits classes, such as when a class unlocks something, class features, or class buffs/nerfs, there is a good chance that there will be some sort of compatibility issue.If you want another mod to take precedence over my own, simply load it after. Any changes that I have made can, to my knowledge, be safely overwritten by another mod. That said, mixing together mods which handle the same types of systems can get messy pretty fast, so use multiple at your own discretion.This goes double if utilizing multiple of my mods here. These are designed to work together flawlessly, though when introducing unknown elements from other mods, this can lead to unexpected outcomes.As far as making compatibility patches, I will consider doing so once I have reached a point that I am comfortable calling my mods truly finished. Maintaining and updating this mod alone is quite a lot of work, which I need to balance with my personal life.That said, all of my mods are open use permissions, forever, no questions asked. If you know how to make the edit and want to upload it, go for it! That’s what modding is all about.

Home Brew - Comprehensive Reworks (2024)
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