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STAFF: WI - Xetta Finance user guide

Last modified 5 weeks ago

Student Central uses the Xetta cashiering system across each campus. Xetta processes transactions, records receipts and performs reconciliations. Accepted forms of payment: Cheque (in person on campus) Debit (in person on campus) Visa/Mastercard AB (Already Banked) The attached user guide outlines the steps: Create a receipt Amend a rece...

Staff Systems Support / Xetta

OneStop Secure User Guide for Student Central v1.2.pdf [view]

and Surname/Company Name fields. • Type the amount in the Amount field. • The Description field of the receipt purpose in the Comment field. • Type the names in the Given Name(s) and Surname/Company fields in Classic, type the amount exactly as it appears in Classic. You do not need to use a minus sign. 3.0

STAFF: WI - How to amend a discontinuation application

Last modified 2 months ago

Purpose The resolution path for students requesting to amend their existing discontinuation application. Process (Allocated Student Advisers Only) Student requests in writing to modify their discontinuation application that has recently been submitted. Student Adviser updates the ServiceNow enquiry case  Select Assign to me and check tha...

Enrolment Help and Changes / Discontinuation

Vending machine faults and refunds

Last modified 9 months ago

If you experience any issues with a vending machine on campus, please contact the relevant company below. If you are seeking a refund, please have your bank account details ready. Coca-Cola Drink Machines • Phone 13co*kE (132653). • Quote the machine number located on the machine. Snack

Directions / General Wayfinding

How and when do I get my Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) card or Bupa Card? (International Students)

Last modified 2 months ago

Bupa If you have signed up for Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) from Bupa, you will have access to a digital Bupa membership card. To get your Bupa card you need to register on the myBupa app or visit the myBupa website. Use your Bupa membership number located on your OSHC verification letter. Please note that Bupa no longer issue physical B...

Visa and Compliance / Overseas Health Cover (OSHC)

How can I get a document certified?

Last modified 9 months ago

To have a document certified, take the original and a copy to an authorised person. The authorised person will then inspect, certify and sign that it is an accurate copy of the original document. A list of persons authorised to certify copy documents can be found on the Victorian

Transcripts, Documents and Letters / Document Verification

STAFF: What are Professional Practice credentials?

Last modified Yesterday at 03:00 PM

Professional Practice Credentialing (PPC) is a process to recognise the skills and knowledge students have already acquired through their work life and career, so the process to earn a Professional Practice credential does not involve formal classes. Instead, Deakin University assesses skills and knowledge based on guided reflection and ...

Career Advice / Professional Accreditation

Credentials Welcome-pack_2023_Final.pdf [view]

: If you are coming from Deakin Sync, your single sign on will have been activated. This means you can skip

How do I carpool?

Last modified 7 months ago

way to travel. You can carpool every day or only when it’s convenient. Find out how to sign up

Transport and Travel

Where can I find the toilets?

Last modified 3 months ago

Toilets, including accessible and all gender toilets, are conveniently located across all campuses. Accessible toilets Geelong Waterfront campus has accessible toilets at the following buildings: AD, C, D For Melbourne Burwood, Geelong Waurn Ponds and Warrnambool campuses, all buildings have accessible toilets except the following: Melbo...

Directions / General Wayfinding

Who is considered to be a qualified health professional for supporting documentation?

Last modified 9 months ago

The supporting documentation required to access disability support needs to come from a health professional in the field related to the disability or health condition. Details of the disability/health condition can be recorded on the Disability Resource Centre supporting documentation form, in a letter, or on a report. Documentation must...

Request for Support / Supporting Documentation

I need an academic transcript

Last modified 1 months ago

If you are still studying and need an official copy of your results to date, you can order and pay for an academic transcript using our Academic Transcript online order form. If you are graduating, you will get your digital academic transcript for free through My eQuals once you have been signed off as 'completed'. Academic Transcript Yo...

Transcripts, Documents and Letters / Academic Transcript

What is SuperStrong?

Last modified 6 months ago

to take the SuperStrong assessment. As a current student, you can access it via Single Sign -On using

Career Advice

STAFF: How to action a request to change a student's username/email address.

Last modified 9 months ago

(Staff) - IT Help form with the relevant details requiring change. Note: To access the form, single sign


What is the difference between a transcript and a statement of results?

Last modified 3 months ago

Academic Transcript An academic transcript is an official document containing a full history of your academic results at Deakin. It lists your course, units, majors, minors or specialisations, grades, dates of study and any honours. Prospective employers may use it to verify your qualifications. When you complete your course, you'll rece...

Transcripts, Documents and Letters

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