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  • For me, the game was the final straw in terms of my faith in Wagner at the helm. Other threads have handled, and are handling what he is doing wrong, so I won't go into those aspects again, but I believe he won't go regardless of how bad he is, or how much he's lost the dressing room etc. This is because of Knapper coming in soon and he will ultimately determine his fate. Knapper will be seeing all of this now and I suspect he will move Wagner on once his reign starts, but before then, there is no logic for Webber to get rid. He is leaving so likely doesn't care too much any more, but if he was to remove Wagner, who's he bringing in for what could well be extremely short-term until Knapper comes in and wants his own man in the job? To me, it just wouldn't make any sense for a Sporting Director who is about to leave, to sack a manager and source a replacement he'll have nothing to do with in a few months. Unfortunately, we'll be waiting a lot longer than we'd like for managerial/coaching changes, is how I'm seeing things.

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